Curran Roofing also has the ability to insulate your homes or commercial buildings.  With the cost of building materials increasing, and the demand for the most energy efficient home building, spray polyurethane foam has come out on top as the best multifunctional insulation product available.


Why Spray Foam?


Spray Foam Insulation:

  • Offers a high insulation R-value
  • Provides a seamless air barrier
  • FEMA accepted flood resistant insulation material
  • restricts moisture transmission
  • adds structural strength
  • Minimizes sound Transmission
  • Does not shrink or settle
  • Promotes better indoor air quality


Some Detailed Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

The structural strength of our spray foam has a compressive strength of 40-50lbs/in. meaning when it comes to the protection against natural disasters spray foam roof and wall systems have shown remarkable resistance to high wind uplift.


Spray foam also eliminates air leaks which can contribute to problems with moisture, noise, dust, pollutants, insects and rodents.  Air leaks can account for 30% of the homes annual heating and cooling costs, which is why spray foam seals the building to create an optimal energy-efficient environment.


Our spray foam is a closed-cell foam that is classified as an acceptable flood-resistant material by FEMA.  Flood-resistant material is defined as any building material capable of withstanding direct and prolonged contact with floodwater without sustaining significant damage.   Fiberglass batt and blanket insulation are classified as unacceptable.


Spray foam also reduces sound transmission.  Closed-cell foam blocks transmission of low-frequency sounds while open-cell spray foam absorbs mid to high frequency sound.  In combination the two can create an effective sound barrier to minimize sound pathways.


Spray foam contributes to healthy buildings by reducing air leakage thereby preventing condensation within the envelope.  This means mold and mildew growth cannot occur in the absence of water.  By preventing water vapor being transported by air leakage from entering the building envelope prevents mold growth, which by using the spray foam we can improve indoor air quality and reduce drafts and air movement.


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